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Frost Posts

Frost Posts 8" Square
Frost Posts 16" Square

Precast Concrete Frost Posts

Our precast concrete frost posts, also known as our precast concrete deck footings, are one of the key ingredients to every successful deck construction project. Shea Concrete Products ensures its frost posts make the job of installing decks much easier because they are simple to use and endure the toughest of winter conditions. No more mixing and transporting concrete on the job site -- just place the precast frost posts in the hole, level the top, and backfill!

The top surface includes a built-in threaded insert for setting and can also be used to receive your post hardware. Unlike the poured-in-place option, you don’t need to wait for setting and curing of concrete. Two types are available -- the 8” square top surface or the 16” square top surface. Both types are available in 4ft and 5ft heights.

Shea Concrete’s precast frost posts include an integrated spread footing or base (ready-made combination deck footing and deck pillar all in one). The base should be situated below the frost line of the local area. The wide base also provides increased weight bearing support. Refer to our drawings for bearing support specifics.

Our precast concrete frost posts are not just for decks; the posts can be utilized for any gate, stand, or mail box. Call Shea Concrete Products at (800) 696-SHEA if you’re interested in our concrete frost posts.