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Precast Manholes For Sewer Systems

A precast manhole is a major player when it comes to the functionality of wastewater management system. Without this vital piece, surrounding communities cannot depend on utilizing a fully-functional sewer system. Shea Concrete Products designs, engineers, and manufactures precast manholes as a certified member of the National Precast Concrete Association.

Precast concrete manholes have grown to become the industry standard and for many reasons; no on-site curing or pouring is necessary, precast concrete’s load capacity ranks among the best, and its material strengthens over time. A city’s wastewater management system should operate as a self-sustaining unit, which makes a precast manhole the perfect option.

We offer precast manholes in a variety of dimensions that measure up to 120” in diameter. Precast concrete manholes from Shea will last under the toughest of conditions and are ideal for accessing and maintaining a sewage system. We also produces drain manholes, transition cones, drop inlets, wing headwalls, and custom headwalls.

See our full precast manhole product catalog below and call (800) 696-SHEA if you you have any questions.


Manhole - 30" Diameter Mini Catch Basin
Sewer Manhole - 48" Diameter
Drain Manhole - 48" Diameter
Manhole - 60" Diameter
Transition Cone 48" to 60" Diameter
Manhole - 72" Diameter
Transition Cone 72" to 48" Diameter
Manhole - 96" Diameter
Manhole - 120" Diameter
Transition Cone 120" to 48" Diameter
Manhole - 4x4 Square
Drop Inlet Type B (Gutter Inlet)
Wing Headwall 12" RCP
Custom Headwall